What Should A & F Make Next?

What are some theoretical items Abercrombie and Fitch should make next? It’s been around a while but there is always next season. For once let’s jump into our time machine and see what A&F should put in the works. Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter there is always reason to design and evolve.

As of this writing men’s fashions and items at Abercrombie are featuring light colors with pale primaries to come out last season. For the next round let’s take a look at some ideas. One thing these styles don’t consider it is the weather. What about water or weather proofing materials for the lighter items? One thing that is always done well here is excellent design, and one thing thing that most weather proof items lack is excellent design. Think about tops that feature the same capability of the most water proof yet breathable materials available. The key would be in designing them in the cuts that fit our body and are light enough to not be hot.

Taking it a step further what if A&F made every item for the season weather proof. What if they could eliminate the need for bulky jackets and needs other than maybe an umbrella during the summer and warmer weather seasons.

As for winter, what if they could put together winter clothing that wore as easy and light as summer. The key would be to add heat conserving materials in key places perhaps based on circulation patters. Everyone knows how convenient it is to put backpacks, bags, work carry cases over the shoulders of bulky ski jackets. With the available modern fiber technology this could blast A&F into the future of wearable innovation. Of course this would apply to kids selections too.

Okay women, time to admit we all do it. For the women’s side of things A&F always presents excellent women’s denim collections. For every time of year. What if they could develop a denim that could go twice as long between washing? Imagine some sort of anti-microbial fabric which would be actually working to help you save money on the laundry.

One thing to consider is that jeans, especially pre-conditioned jeans which sometimes are featured at A&F, always gain comfort with wear. It may seem silly but what if A&F developed a temporary jean. Imagine a denim that was designed to wear completely out then you could buy more. It would be easy to count the pennies a day until you needed to re-up on the next round of comfort evolution jeans.

The key to these would be to design parts that are likely to wear over time like around the knees and shoes to wear faster. Of course use higher durability fabric around important areas like the seat and crotch area. But in part of the design provide a design and perhaps a set of A&F sewing utensils to make a custom handbag (with additional decor and accessories available in store and online of course) as the comfort corners wear down to nothing. Like sand castles at high tide. Refreshing. Heck, Abercrombie could start up a bowling alley or a tree service, and people would probably flock to it. The brand reputation is just that good.

The other option for women’s lines would be undergarments which are designed exactly the opposite. Wear down comfort that lasts twice as long as the other stores of similar offerings. For not much more.